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The #PeoplesVaccine is a global campaign to push for the free distribution and unconditional access for the COVID-19 vaccine, we collectively believe that the COVID-19 vaccine should be treated as a nationwide public good and access should be in the interests of all people everywhere, not just those who can afford it.

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In this regard, we have joined the global call for a #PeoplesVaccine and are working to establish our localized demands under #PeoplesVaccineKE in Kenya. The end goal of this campaign is to ensure the free and unconditional accessibility to the COVID-19 vaccine for all.

These demands are set to create a community-oriented mechanism to ensure each one of us is able to access the vaccine at no cost or conditions in Kenya, learning from the #PeoplesVaccine all over the world, we forcefully and urgently must implement these measures in Kenya.

We aim to strengthen all our communities and to ensure that this vaccine is not just for the political class, elite and those who can afford, it SHOULD be for EVERYONE.


Immediate measures for the execution of a sustainable People’s Vaccine in Kenya

We the people of Kenya demand that once the COVID-19 vaccine is found:


Kenyans must be made aware of the discovery of the COVID-19 Vaccine and once it is available within the Kenyan borders.

The government of Kenya in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, must publicly acknowledge and share any relevant information and news of the discovery of the COVID-19 vaccine and it’s whereabouts within the Kenyan borders


The vaccine should be FREE of charge for all Kenyans

The Kenyan Government should not put a price tag on the COVID-19 vaccine. The commodification of the COVID-19 vaccine by putting monetary value on it will exclude thousands of Kenyans from acquiring it due to financial constraints.


The vaccine should be accessible to all Kenyans within all the 47 counties.

The Kenyan government through the Ministry of Health, should establish practical and reliable mechanisms to allow for the free flow of the vaccine to all the 47 counties and not just confined within Nairobi. The Ministry of Health and relevant stakeholders should create and allocate each county with temporary, moving clinical facilities with well equipped healthcare workers to administer the vaccine to all residents within the area of operation. In turn, the state should also implement door to door vaccine administration for those who are confined within their homes or cannot leave their homes due to various reasons. The vaccine must be accessible to Kenyans in each and every part of Kenya


Frontline healthcare workers and immediate hospital staff must be given priority in accessing the COVID-19 vaccine

This is the least the Kenyan government can do after stealing and mismanaging funds that were supposed to ensure protection of healthcare workers and combatting COVID-19, risking the lives of the frontline healthcare workers and immediate hospital staff.


The Kenyan government must ensure public funding allocated for the COVID-19 vaccine is transparent and ensure accountability to Kenyans at large.

The Kenyan government must make all transactions made in regard to the COVID-19 vaccine in Kenya transparent and accessible to the Kenyan citizenry. All through the pandemic, Kenyans have seen the rise in abuse, mismanagement, corruption and theft of COVID-19 relief funds meant for Kenyans.


The government must engage local and grassroots organizations and partners to educate and raise awareness about the vaccine in all our communities nationwide.

In this case, the government working with community workers in the country must educate and collectively raise awareness about the COVID-19 vaccine and debunk misconceptions and disinformation about vaccines. In turn the Ministry of Health working with health practitioners should also use these platforms to educate the citizenry on any negative side-effects of the vaccine on our bodies.

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This campaign has been made possible by the voluntary efforts and solidarity of organizers, activists, researchers, lawyers, healthcare workers and all WaKenya who hope for a vaccine that is free and accessible to all and a precedent for free and accessible #MedicareForAll

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