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People's Vaccine Kenya

In our continual work to achieve the institutionalization of a people’s vaccine in Kenya and a proper understanding of the work and urgency of a vaccine, we must also endeavour to ensure all Kenyans have imperative access to the flow of information especially from mainstream media relating to covid-19 and vaccine-related news. 


In this regard, we have achieved an important milestone in ensuring this access as through our social media advocacy we were able to ensure that Nation Africa removed any exclusionary paywalls for all critical COVID19 related material. This is an important precedent for all media institutions reporting on the vaccine and all COVID-19 related information. 


The risk of inaccessibility of such critical information fuels vaccine retaliation and the rise of propaganda, to curb such we must all play our roles in the sharing of factual information and ensuring it is freely accessible for all.  


During these critical times, accessibility is a key imperative in acquiring information. 


We continue to work through all our advocacy mechanisms to ensure this is a precedent that takes effects and is adopted by all other media institutions. 

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